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Summer Solstice 7 Days and Counting

Check out this great calendar site. 😉


Remember to click on it a couple of times to enlarge it.  😉

While Summer Solstice occurs at 5:45 A.M. UT on the 21st, it occurs in Utah at 23:45 MDT near midnight on the 20th of June (gregorian – monkish or catholic time)

To all my friends who will be enjoying Utah’s version of burning man on the 20th of June at “Element 11” – Live Large and Enjoy Yourselves – especially you know who.

What Do You Think Should Replace Organized Religion?

Dear Solstice Calendar tourist – what do you think should replace the current crop of  religions?

Not Taoism or Buddism or Paganism, those all have as many deficits as the 3 monotheism’s.

What would your ideal religion incorporate – what world view?

Rise above the gene pool and think for yourself!


Ab Oceanus Ad Astra

From The Ocean To The Stars

Symbols are meant to en capsulize ideas and ideals.  Here is my proposed symbol for a new Uber Rationalist Humanist Religion/Community (E.G.: The Church of Aristotle).  It’s dimensions are based on Fibonacci relationships.  The first impression is of the waves.  Life on earth (our true genealogy) began in the oceans of the blue dot (aka: Earth, Tera, Gaia or ….).  At the symbols center is a Star which stands for our destiny to explore and inhabit the stars.  Hence the Latin – Ab Oceanus Ad Astra – From the ocean to the stars.


I originally created this symbol in felt marker in the late 70’s.

FEEDBACK would be greatly appreciated.  So dear Solstice Calendar tourist please click on “comment” and share your thoughts.

PS: I am thinking of surrounding the Ab Oceanus Ab Astra symbol with 23 stars representing the 23 chromosomes of the human (homo sapien) genome.  What do you think?

PPS: In the words of Saunt Timothy O’Leary “Rise Above the Gene Pool and Think For Yourself”

Element 11 – Utah’s Version of Burning Man

Dear Solstice Calendar tourists and visitors,

Are any of you attending Element 11 – Utah’s version of Burning Man?

I would like to set up a Solstice Calendar tent – IF there is any interest…….

So drop me a comment if you would be interested.

ELEMENT 11 – A Sanctioned, Regional, Burning Man Event

The Pale Blue Dot – Gaia (aka Earth).

Please dear Tourist of Solstice Calendar meditate on this:

Thank You Michael Marantz for composing this marvelous presentation of Carl Sagan’s thoughts.

EARTH: The Pale Blue Dot from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

Hopefully you have gathered that this Calendar System is a window to a new Wisdom Paradigm.  If you are open to being totally responsible for developing you own Philosophy, not afraid to leave dogma behind and would enjoy the community of other such brave souls, please drop me a comment.  😉

I think this piece presents eloquently why I choose to anchor the Solstice Calendar with the birth of our species (YOOS). What do you think gentle reader?

Free Solstice Birthday Calendar Offer Still Open

Dear reader,

Please just drop me a comment with you date of birth and I will calculate your Solstice Calendar birth date and send you a copy of your Solstice Birth month.


See The Complete 2009 Solstice Calendar

Just Click On The – 2009 Solstice Calendar – Tab at the Top of the Page !

Can You Find the Upcoming Summer Solstice ? 😉

What Solstice Month Are We Currently In ? Martian

The Current Month Is


I am still waiting for the next curious soul to request their free solstice birth date calculation.

Simply Drop a Comment With Your Birthday Info.  😉

Timothy Stoddard’s Solstice Birthday

First and Foremost I Became a Grand Dad Last Friday (Gregorian)

Timothy Stoddard was born at 6:06 P.M. MST on Thursday the 26th of Luna in the Year Of Our Species 5009.



Timothy was born 138 days after Winter Solstice.

Astrology Anyone ???

Ok your Solstice Calendar creator is an uber rationalist and sees astrology as perhaps good entertainment. But perhaps others would like to see astrology applied to the Solstice Calendar! If this would be of interest to you – drop me a comment.

FYI – Christopher Renstrom, author of Ruling Planets, has kindly offered to help me read winter solstice times and dates in an ephemeris before his lecture on May 28th at the Golden Braid in Salt Lake City.

c-renstrom-bookIf there is enough interest, I would also discuss how to apply his unique method of astrology to the Solstice Calendar System.  Speak up if you are interested.  😉

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